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Jen "I have enjoyed the Fitness 4U personal training boxing sessions tremendously- the early morning workouts in the botanic gardens energize me for the day ahead and it is both a physical challenge and fun. I had never tried boxing before as a workout but have found the personal training sessions and boot camps with Ron and the Fitness 4U team to be great fun and an awesome workout! I would highly recommend the workouts to all fitness levels!"
- Diana (Brisbane City)

Anniina "If I was told I would be doing over 30 push ups (proper ones, none of these knee ones) in five months, I would have never believed it especially when I started with 3! But here I am now pumping them out and have even beaten the boys at work! The personal training sessions with Ron have introduced me to boxing, an absolute favourite and a must try for everyone out there, as well as challenged me to push one step further. The sessions are always varied and exciting, and the results are possible. I would absolutely recommend the personal training session with Fitness 4 U for any fitness level!"
- Anniina (Brisbane City)

Jen "Having been a long time fixture at group boxing, I decided it was time to step it up a notch and find myself some real lats, biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles. I didn’t want to do free weights in the gym on my own and risk an injury so I started personal training with Ronald with a focus on what I wanted, muscle definition, and general fitness. Its only been about 8 months and now I find myself checking out my ‘guns’ when I flex to pick up the groceries, or see myself in a mirror! Whilst some trainers dictate what they think you should do, Ronald listened to what I wanted to do, and worked with me to achieve my goals. He’s not afraid to let me know when I don’t push myself enough, he keeps the training interesting and varied, and he certainly has got me the results I wanted. On top of all that, its actually a pretty enjoyable way to start the morning!"
- Mel (Taringa)

Anniina "I had trained with a lot of PTs before starting with Ron. His fierce passion, motivating hard yet fun sessions (and free caps) got me hooked! His group boxing sessions are also very addictive. I believe he is the best value for money in Brisbane. If you are not training with Ron, you are missing out!"
- Jen (Indooroopilly)