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Group Boxing Testimonials

Lucy "I have been training with Ron and Fitness 4U team for over 3 years and I find it is still a really enjoyable way to keep fit. Ronís classes are always varied and lots of fun and exercising outdoors is fantastic. Although I love the Group Training sessions my favourite sessions would have to be the boxing. I have discovered strength I didnít know I had."
- Lucy (Windsor)

Gwen "I have been going to Fitness 4 U classes for almost two years now and I keep coming back. The classes are always different and the trainers are excellent at keeping you motivated. The 10 session cards are great value and unlike a gym membership they actually get used. I highly recommend the lunch time boxing sessions which are an intense 45 minute workout.Ē "
- Gwen (Toowong)

Anne "I have been attending Fitness 4U sessions for over a year and I love the results and the workouts! I had to overcome serious reservations to begin any type of fitness regime - twenty years of inactivity were starting to take their toll and I was very nervous about starting on my new path to good health. Slowly, and with Ronís direction, my fitness increased, my strength improved and my endurance finally kicked in. I love the boxing classes the most (less running, more hitting) and found Ron and his other trainers to be excellent instructors. My turnaround in fitness and attitude to exercising is due to Ron and his team - I canít recommend Fitness 4U more highly."
- Anne (Ashgrove)

Marianne "I was looking for a fitness program that would not bore me after two weeks of participation. ĎI found ití group boxing is so much fun. However, your fitness and mental states are pushed to the max, it is a complete workout. I had no idea how much I would enjoy this kind of fitness, I am addicted. Ron and his team are friendly, welcoming and certainly know their drills.Ē "
- Marianne (Sandgate)

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